What goes into each puppy?


  • Day 3 until Day 21 - Early Neurological Estimulation - We introduce mild stresses to very young puppies in a controlled way. Studies show that these stressors estimates the neurological system which improves their immune and cardiovascular system and stress tolerance.  In addition to that, from Day 3 until Day 21 we improve their scenting ability by doing Early Scent Introduction.  ( 13 scents - 5 seconds per puppy, per day) 

  • Day 21 - 12 Weeks - Basic Obedience. Our puppies will slowly be introduced to different sounds, surfaces, sights we also take our puppies from car rides and walks ( on a pull cart) to listen to all the different sounds.

  • Week 5 - 12 - marks another milestone and puppies get their first round of shots. Once that is done, they get to go outside and be exposed to the outside world. During this phase puppies start to go on "Aussome trips" ( after 8 weeks old) they get to be taken on public places to work on their leash walking skills and get exposed to the "real world"