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Therapy Dog Program 

Meet our certified therapy dogs

Thornapple Ride the Wave

Maui is SO special! He is the boy that will always greet you with a smile and will make sure you will also smile. He is a certified therapy dog thru Alliance and his favorite activity is our library visits where kids of all different ages read to him. He is always there to give them "high five" and give some encouragement while helping develop their love for reading. 

Check out the library listing below for a list of "Reading Tails" near you!

IMG_9806 (1)_edited.jpg
Aussome mercury king of Priderock VHMA TKN* NTD

Certified Therapy Dog through the Alliance of therapy dogs.


Meet my pick of the litter from the moment he was born. He is funny, he makes me laugh with his daily shenanigans, and he loves everyone he meets. 


He is the dream Aussie I envisioned I one day would produce. 


Simba is currently working on multiple titles and will be a future stud in our program once all health clearances are completed. 


Need reading practice? Love dogs?

Join us at your nearest library and read to one of our lovable reading therapy dogs

Our therapy dog reading programs give children the opportunity to read to a furry friend in a safe, non judgmental environment.

Specially trained therapy dogs can boost children's confidence by giving them a relaxed, calm environment in which to practice their reading skills.

Some of the benefits of this highly effective experience are:

  • Relieve children's worries, which helps their reading performance.

  • Creates a connection with the dog that teaches them about kindness and empathy.

  • Helps increase self-confidence and improve reading comprehension and fluency.



Visit the library website for full event details.


Would you prefer having one-on-one reading time with a therapy dog?

Would your child prefer a one on one session with our certified therapy dog? For a limited time, we will have a few slots available for children to book their one-on-one sessions. 

Ready for your one-on-one session?

Book your Reading Session with one of our certified therapy dogs  Or Register and Book your fur baby stay with us. We promise your dog will have an "Aussome" time! 

If you have any questions or issues  while registering for any of our services please contact us at:

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Make a difference in someone's life by sponsoring a puppy for donation to a service dog organization. 

When you sponsor a puppy you cover all the costs associated with basic supplies, routine care, and basic training. In addition to that, any donation, or services we provide such as training, or boarding is used to pay for general program needs. 

Every dollar donated helps us enhance the lives of many and continue our mission.

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Our "Aussome" Rescue Program

Even though we are not able to rescue as many dogs as we would like to, when we can, we extend our hands to help out homeless pets or pets that require immediate attention at our local shelters or directly from owners needing assistance. 

We have less chance of being successful in raising or placing a potential candidate for donation to be a service dog, but we can still save a dog's life and find a better-suited home for him/ her. 

In order to expand this portion of our program we need fosters and/or families looking to adopt:


If you can:

  • Provide a healthy, safe, and loving home to a homeless pet.

  • Provide family one on one time and socialization opportunities to help the foster dog develop positive human experiences.

  • Exercise the foster dog and reach out to us with any issues or concerns.

  • Take your foster to/from routine vet appointments 

We will provide:

  • Crate.

  • Dog food

  • Heartworm and flea/tick medication

  • Collar and leash

Ready to save a life? 

Meet the rescued dogs under our care


Chance is a one-year-old Australian Shepherd which was an owner surrendered with a bite history. We have been working with him for some time now and would ONLY even consider adopting a very experience Aussie owner. He does take time to warm up, but once he does, he is a velcro dog looking to be by his "shepherd" side all day long. 

He has a very low energy level and does well with being groomed, with older kids and other dogs.

A few things are still working on:


  • Chasing cars

  • Accepting a pet from a friendly stranger

  • Separation anxiety when left alone by his primary caretaker.

  • Crate manners  


Buddy was brought to us from Union County Animal Control as an owner surrender since he was not getting along with other dogs and had resource guarding issues.

Buddy is the friendliest Aussie you will ever meet always ready for some petting. He is house trained, crate trained, and friendly with dogs (as long as there is no food around).

He is a total love bug! He loves people, kids, and cats ( this information was provided by the owner but we have not exposed him to cats), he does well with chickens, did great during his grooming session, car rides and vet appointment. He would be a perfect best friend.

Buddy would be best suited as an only dog or would need to be fed alone.

Buddy is still working on: 

  • His resource guarding tendencies (meaning he will bite if other dogs come near him while there is food or treats around) 

  • Leash walking


Sadie is the newest addition and looking for a foster or future family interested in adopting her. 

She is up to date on her RABIES, DHLPP, BORDATELLA, and flea medication. 

She is HEARTWORM POSITIVE and will start treatment. She is also missing some hair on her back end due to previous flea allergies.

She is estimated at about 4 years old, still intact (spay neutered scheduled for October)  and weighs 57 lbs.

She is friendly with people, kids, and other dogs. 


Houston is 2 years old

  • 57 lbs.

  • No issues with other dogs

  • Loves people, loves attention, belly rubs, and squeaky toys.  He is a very sweet dog that just needs to find the perfect home. 



We are looking for a family willing to open their home and heart to foster Houston and do the proper introductions and decompression time.

FUNDS: If you can't foster, consider donating 

SHARE! We need to get this baby into the right home

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